Alfred G. G.

Software Engineer

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Software engineer specialist in Python development, and enthusiastic about the open source and sharing culture. I was born in 1981 and hail from Barcelona. Since I started my career in software development have been programming in diverse fields, always centering my attention on the most suitable architecture for each provided solution. My aim has always been to cultivate new skills beyond coding and inquired new ways of growing, not only individually but also looking for a collective improvement.

At the beginning of 2018 I partenered with two good friends to create Codi Cooperatiu SCCL, which is a coop focused on software development for social economy. Still not being my full time occupation, for me Codi Cooperatiu is a great experiment on horizontally managed institutions and a wonderful tool to support social change. I invite you to take a look on it and to collaborate with us:

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And this is my professional web page! Here we will go in detail through my career and I will try to clarify my personal and expertise knowledge. At the end of this page you will find a form and information to contact me. Please, use it wisely.


Great initiative, analytic capabilities, and creativity

My extensive experience in software development has driven me to acquire a good aptitude for building a big variety of software architectures. Also I can contribute to any project with great will and a charismatic and open personallity.

Mastery level in Python

I’ve been developing in Python since almost the beginning of my career. At first it was for personal projects and, in the last years, mainly for professional and complex developments.

Experience in several programming languages

In my professional path I have had to code in several languages depending on the projects requirements. Moreover I usually like to learn new ones as a hobby, you will find some of this code at my git repositories. Nowadays one of my favorite languages is Elm; it’s being hard to learn but is also giving me new skills for functional programming.

  • Elm
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • Go
  • C#
  • C & C++
  • Java

Web applications developer

These days the most common development is web applications. I have work with several frameworks and put all my efforts on mastering the build of resilient and reliable architectures. My preference is on the server side development; however, I am also used to work in front-end environments.

  • Django
  • Flask
  • Django REST Framework
  • Vue.js

Database management

One of the most useful skills in this guild is the database control. I have been using relational and object oriented engines. However, these days I feel enchanted by how powerful PostgreSQL is.

  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Systems and DevOps

I’m a passionate Linux user since 2009. Still systems administration is not my strongest point, I have dexterity managing Unix based operating systems. Concerning to other close fields, like DevOps, I have performed several tasks on them but, again, they are not my strength.

  • Linux
  • Docker

Multimedia developer

One of the fields I always loved is computer interactivity. I’m very attracted to 3D, computer generated graphics, and multimedia development.

  • OpenGL
  • OpenFrameworks
  • Unity
  • Blender

Artificial intelligence

I’m also curious about artificial intelligence and data analysis. However, still having a master’s degree on those fields, I haven’t performed big tasks on them.

  • OpenCV
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine learning

Other technologies and paradigms

Not being a specialist on some areas sometimes I have had to perform tasks using, at that moment, unknown technologies for me.

  • GIS
  • RabbitMQ
  • Arduino
  • Android
  • R


Freelance software engineer

2012, October ─ Nowadays

Since I finished my Master’s degree I have been performing several freelancer tasks on numerous companies. All of them go around web development and interactive multimedia software. Apart from my espertice they involve technologies like Android, Oculus VR, Unity, DirectX, or OpenFrameworks.

Software engineer in GTD 2018, December ─ 2020, July

I worked with them as specialist in software development. Firstly, I started for the aerospace area, which develops software for the European Space Agency. After that, I asked for a change, then started working for the science, infraestructures, and robotics department.

Software Engineer in Electronic Stars 2012, October ─ 2018, April

I helped to develop the first prototype of the application, coding the backend and the client parts in Python and C# respectively. I was promoted to backend leader when the company grew. After a one year pause between 2015 October and 2016 October I worked with them again. I continued performing my previous role and contributed with my knowledge in microservices or Docker.

Software Developer in Visyon360 2015, November ─ 2016, June

They hired me because I did a DirectShow filter for 360 video streaming when I was freelancer. There I had been developing virtual reality and augmented reality engines, interactive environments, and all kind of advanced graphical stuff.

Assistant professor in Universitat de Barcelona 2012, November ─ 2013, October

I wanted to try the experience of being a college teacher, so after my Master’s degree I offered myself as assistant professor in the Computer Science department of University of Barcelona. The subjects that I imparted were: Programming, Software Engineering, and Computer Graphics.

Software Engineer in Autoritat del Transport Metropolità de Barcelona (ATM) 2008, November ─ 2010, November

I worked on numerous projects based on the public transport field. I used .NET web framework to build software that managed transport data, creating RESTful web services, and applying GIS technologies.

Software Developer in Digital Emotions Co.

2004, June ─ 2005, September

Digital Emotions co. is a currently closed company where I started as junior developer. After few months I got promoted and led the development of an Enterprise Resource Planning software made in C#.

Software Developer in Short time jobs

2003, June ─ 2008, November

During my apprentice period I collaborated with some companies making works for them. Those works revolved around fields like leisure and management, and were programmed in technologies like Java, ASP4, VBScript, PHP, and VisualBasic 6.


Degree, Philosophy (Unfinished)

UNED. 2015, October ─ 2016, June

Master's degree, Artificial Intelligence

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Rovira i Virgili. 2010, October ─ 2012, September

Engineer's degree, Computer Science

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 2005, October ─ 2008, September

Técnico superior en desarrollo de aplicaciones informáticas, Software Development

Stucom. 2002, October ─ 2003, June

Técnico superior en administración de sistemas informáticos, Computer Science

Stucom. 2000, October ─ 2002, June


Codi Cooperatiu SCCL 2018, January ─ Nowadays

Codi Cooperatiu is a coop which works with open source software and is focused on building social economy projects. I contributed to create it at the beginning of 2018. My colleges and I define ourselves as tech companions, which means that we provide assistance on the technology area for other projects. We track and support the growing of those projects we collaborate with.

It’s not my current full-time occupation, however, I put a lot of effort into make it successful.

Under Codi Cooperatiu I have performed several projects; between them I highlight the next ones:

  • Open Awards MVP: Platform that encourages the open content publishing through awards.

  • Free Our Knowledge: Platform that emboldens the open research cultural movement.

3D scene reconstruction and understanding from single shot pictures

September, 2011 ─ September, 2012

This was my master’s degree thesis, a research project which aimed to reconstruct a 3D scene from single shot pictures using a machine learning approach. It made reconstructions of those pictures in navigable 3D scenes. It also integrated virtual elements to form an augmented reality scenario.

You can access to the thesis on this link.


June, 2008 ─ September, 2008

My dissertation for the Computer Science Engineering. It consisted on developing a multimedia framework from scratch, which was used to create a videogame controlled by a computer vision engine. It was a spaceships race, you drove your vehicle using two different color balls which were tracked by OpenCV code.

Still being a very old project I keep the documentation, you can access to it on this link.

Personal projects

During the course of my career I have used several technologies to implement a large variety of projects for personal use focused my everyday tasks easier, or just to learn a new technology. They range server to mobile phone applications.

You can access to most of them in my code repositories.


Companion in Gamestar(t) 2015, April ─ 2015, September

Gamestar(t) is a project that brings together art, videogames, and technology. All of these elements are connected using an innovative theory in pedagogy. When I discovered it, I did my best to cooperate with them.

Member of

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Free Software Foundation

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Codi Cooperatiu logo

Codi Cooperatiu


Current location: Barcelona


I usually express myself in Spanish, that's my mother tongue and the one I feel most comfortable. However, I'm Catalan by birth and love to talk in that language too. About my English, I use it quite often during my everyday life. Not being as fluent as with the others I can communicate perfectly with it.

  • Spanish ─ Native.
  • Catalán ─ Native.
  • English ─ My capabilities in this language are good to communicate.

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